Life has strange ways of giving lessons to its student. We all come across various situations and circumstances in life which leaves a lasting impression on our mind. It is up to us to learn from the situation and utilize the learning in future.

Most people forget the lesson learnt and also the situation and that is why they continue to struggle. Successful people are good students of life, they will learn at each and every stage and implement their theories.

The protagonist of this book, Rishi, is also the same case. Coming from a secure background and having no liabilities made him somewhat of a happy-go-lucky person with a total lack of ambition. His life starts to change when he gets into a professional college and goes to hostel.

During this journey he comes across various “colours of life”. These colours are in the form of different situations, habits and the people he meets. However, each colour leaves a fine imprint on his personality, these colours of life convert him to a mature man who is ready to face the challenges of the world and help him in succeeding in professional life.

The book deals with various episodes of Rishi’ life -- when he encounters the police, gets into the habit of drugs, his academic failures and his love for his girl. However, all along his troubled times he manages to get the support of his family, friends and his love.
The book presents a person who is a fighter and gets back on his feet after his academic failures as well his doping habits. In spite of facing tough times he remains an optimist and takes up the challenge.

The book also carries a message that to be successful in corporate life one need not be academically brilliant all the time. Life itself is a big teacher, it trains you, it coaches you as well as mentors you.